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NoSQL Document-Oriented Databases : Introduction with MongoDB (part 2)

Mongo DB: Using compass for "aggregate" querying

Implementing a model with MongoDB

Implementing a model with MongoDB(2)

In MongoDB it is possible to add successively those 2 documents:


which leads to this following result

_id,name,email 606b01da0536c900a0a43632,Estelle, 606b023e0536c900a0a43634,,

Implementing a model with MongoDB (3)

Is it possible to use this kind of data in an application?

Answer? No!

Schema-less DB : a viable approach (with a bit of Schema!)

What's a good approach to converge to a usable result?

Modeling exercise

Remember this? How to model it properly in the NoSQL approach?

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Modeling exercise (2)

Nested documents or references?

Modeling exercise (3)