Java Fundamental period - Lecture 1

Object-Oriented Programming and Java fundamentals

Before we start...

Hello everyone, my name is Thomas Broussard. I thought it could be the minimum to introduce myself, as we will stay at least 33 hours together

I will be your java teacher during the next semester. To sum up my experience in Java, I've practised java for 5 years and I'm actually one of the technical project managers of my business unit

The goal of this course.

This course should help you to acquire these skills

Course structure (1)

Course structure (2)

Lecture 1

Global introduction on Object-Oriented Programming

Object Oriented Programming : why?

What already exists: Procedural programming

Object Oriented Programming : (human) definition

The definition of the Object Oriented Programming, is that this kind of programming uses object

This said, what is an Object?

Object Oriented Programming : tools

We will use eclipse