Thomas Broussard

Soft. dev and technical project manager
Near suburb of Paris, France
Born on 1986.04.09
thomas (dot) broussard (at) gmail (dot) com


June 2014 - now

Product management at NatSystem: leading the R&D team dedicated to the development of NatJet, a tool increasing the productivity while developing a Java JEE application. As a product manager, I am in charge of:

  • the product road map definition
  • meeting organization
  • framework integration
  • product lifecycle management
  • expert missions for customers in Java EE environment

I also was in charge to manage the continuous integration for the whole product, with the integration of Nexus, Jenkins and the Eclipse deployment system (P2).

Eclipse Platform, Nexus, Jenkins, Product management, BIRT, WebSphere, WebSphere MQ, JMS, JEE
October 2013 - now
Java and OOP teacher at Epita I've been teaching the OOP and Java for the last year of the International Master. During that period the teaching is divided into two levels:
  • Fundamental period : during that period, students learn the bases of OOP object and make their first steps with the Java Language
  • Specialization period : Students learn several components of the Java ecosystem, and apply those concepts through the realization of a web application
Teaching, English, Deep theoretical knowledge
March 2013 - June 2014

Software Developer at NatSystem: member of the R&D team, I contribute to the development of a J2EE-oriented application GUI builder, NatJet, which aims at increasing the development productivity.

The product is an eclipse plugin for the design part, and a proprietary wrapped Spring/Hibernate/J2EE Web application.

Eclipse plugin development, Java EE, Agile Scrum, Spring, Hibernate, Maven
February 2010 - March 2013

Software Developer at Evidian: member of the R&D team, I've been part of the development of an IAM (Identity and Access Management) software. This product is a web application, written in Java and connected to several security policy software pieces, such as modules for application provisioning or authentication.

This first company experience allowed me to forge some strong Java / Java Web skills, as well as the XML technologies usage.

Overall, I learnt a lot on different components involved in a professional application (databases, ldap directories, web servers etc.

Java Web, CSS, XSLT, Xforms, BPMN, LDAP, Ant
September 2009 - February 2010

Micro Business - Software developer Considering the financial crisis in 2008-2009, it has been difficult to find a job as a software developer.

In order to keep the contact with the use of Java and XML technologies, I decided to create my own Micro Business.

I got two projects during this period:
  • The first to scan some job websites to constitute a meta database, written in Java and based on Regular expressions
  • The second to make a white paper on Aastra SIP phones XML applications. This was written in PHP and used MySQL as a database click here
Self organization, Customer Relationship, Short delay project management, Java Core, Java Web, PHP, MySQL, XML



EPF - General Engineering School. Diploma in ICTM (Information and Communication Technologies Management)

Java Core, Java Web, XML technologies, Project Management, Information Systems Architecture

Baccalauréat (high-school degree) with honors